Image Manipulation


What can you do with an image
Here is something you can do with images you downloaded.  Some are more basic while and some are more advance.  You may find some of the techniques helpful and suitable to your needs. Try it yourself and you will have fun with it. 

The image on the right is an example of what you can do with image manipulation.  The original is from our gallery. With the original image, you may do as the following.

1. Reduce the image size
2. Change image color scheme
3. Blur image
4. Apply filter
5. Put image on top of each other (layer)
6. Apply Text.


Further more,  you may combine these techniques to create a more sophisticated result.  The sample above was created using techniques 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and also other advance features such as fade image, drop shadows and inner shadow.

Your image manipulation software may not have all the feature available. Still you can use whatever software you have to create quite sophisticated image.  Again the limit is your imagination.  Hope that some of techniques I  presented can help you get started.

The next page will introduce you to the techniques I listed above.




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