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They are cute and unusual cats. The white one is Ar-Pai, she is absence minded. She is very friendly to the whole neighborhood and don't know any better who is nice and who is not nice to her. She often go out with my neighbor when he walk his dog on the street! People thought, by distance, that she was a small dog. They all laugh to see a cat walking with a dog.

Kitty is her buddy, he is really shy. He, opposite from Ar-Pai, afraid of any strangers. Anytime we has  guests visiting, he will ran away even can afford to skip meal. He is hungry all the time and like to drink fresh water from a facet if he has choices.

Here are they photos. BTW. They are not our cats. The belong to our neighbors, just come hang around with us and don't want to go home. Luckily our neighbor understand!

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