About Aarin

Photography has always has been my passion.  I love to take photographs ever since I was a young kid, as early as my primary school days. 

To me photograph can reflect another perspective of the subjects.  The photograph need not necessarily interpret the same thing as the real subject. Sometimes photograph can bring out the beauty of the subject that  our bare eyes may not see.

No, I do not have a degree in photography.  My degree is in Mass Communication, Fashion Design and now working in computer arts.  Please don't bother with that. The main thing is that I love to share my photography works with you.  Hope that my work can be of  meaning and usefulness to you.


These are my recent works (thanks to digital cameras)  Other photos were taken over the years and were mostly from slides. I don't even know when I will convert them into digital images. May be never.

Your support and feedback is always welcome.

Aarin Yu


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